Trainwreck Budder 1 Gram

Trainwreck Budder (1 Gram)


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The name says it all! Delicious, light colored and smooth tasting. We have been waiting awhile now for more stock but its finally back! Smooth and creamy so easy to spread, dab, bong or hot knife it old school! Enjoy!

Extracted with butane, this Trainwreck budder is made by using a solvent to “blast” through marijuana to extract the THC, which is then “purged” with heat and air pressure to remove the solvent. Budder weed refers to pretty much any cannabis concentrate that is creamy in consistency. People get budder and crumble confused because they are both somewhere between oil and shatter in their consistency. Fortunately, there is an easy way to distinguish the two. If the consistency is dry and crumbly like cheese, call it crumble. Budder is moist and easier to scoop.


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