THC DISTILLATE 1 Gram vial/1ml


THC DISTILLATE 1 Gram vial/1ml X-MAS Special

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The THC distillation process is split into two parts. On the first run you remove the Terpenes (which can be reintroduced to the THC distillate) from the cannabinoids at lower temperatures (they have a lower boiling point). On the second run, you removes the lipids, impurities and solvents, which leaves an odourless high value clear distillate (contains the THC, CBD and other cannabinoids). Basically, the cannabinoids present depends entirely on the strain you have chosen.. The wiped film evaporator creates a distillate that can produce a fine oil used in vape cartridges, tinctures or edibles.

Cannabinoids’ high boiling point means that they are very high viscosity, or thick like heavy oil, honey or tar. The extraction and separation system must be designed to cope these viscous substances. Note that the CBD is crystallizes, while the THC is thick like goo.



This process creates a very pure Marijuana extract and omits the need for solvents to pull out the marijuana components. Extractions such as BHO (butane hash oil) and Co2 (carbon dioxide) require alcohol based solvents to make their final product. A very high level of THC without any impurities is the bonus of this method.


This process allows for 90-99% THC in the finished product, compared to 15-25% flower THC content and 60-80% of BHO and Co2 Extractions. This method is ultra clean in nature, which explains why distillation is rapidly becoming an industry standard product.


The pure, distilled THC produce is odourless and flavourless which means it can be consumed discretely, as there is no odor. The distillate can be used for edibles, E-cig, vape or even topical applications. If inhaled, there is almost do tar at all. Since THC dilates the airways, it is probably good for the lungs and conditions like asthma – and there is a lot of research that backs up this suggestion.


Distillates effects are felt almost immediately. In the preparation process, the THC already activated and its high potency brings extremely quick results to patients requiring heavy duty medication, like spinal injury, Crohn’s and cancer.


Since the invention of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO, high oral THC extracts have been shown to treat patients for an entire day without the need to smoke a joint every few hours. THC Distillate only requires a drop or two for it’s effects to be felt. Couple this with an almost immediate onset (under the tongue) of effects, distillate is a perfect application for medical patients. Swallowing distillate is great for all-night relief, effects hit after an hour and peak at hours two, dropping off at hour eight, or thereabouts.


Simply fill the vape tank with distillate. It is important to use a Ceramic coil rather than a cotton coil, so the taste doesn’t get altered by impurities. The potency of the THC Distillates will all be there using a cotton wick, but the wonderful terpenes can go missing, but not when you use and by smoking a ceramic coil. Note too, that the distillate fractions in run1 and run2 need to be combined obviously to get a full herb product, that is the cannabinoids plus the terpenes.


Dabs are one of the most popular methods to consuming THC distillates. Dabbing is essentially vapourizing the THC on a hot surface, by taking a dab of THC distillate. This is a great way to consume Marijuana without needlessly wasting end product, that is if you have good inhalation technique and the vapor is not lost..


For those who love smoking weed, just spread a little bit of distillate on your rolling paper and then roll a joint using regular marijuana. This will allow for you to use much less flower, yet still have all the great medicinal effects from your Marijuana. The addition of adding the oil to your joint will improve the potency and quality of the burn and smoke. Call it the cherry on top.


Since the THC in distillate has already been activated, it can use it orally by putting a pea size drop under your tongue. Or you can add distillate by mixing it into cooking oil or butter and then infusing the butter into your favorite recipe. Note the weight in mg of the distillate used and divide that amount into the number of portions. This way, there will be no surprises and each portion will have a uniform amount of THC. 420evaluationsonline pics coming very soon!!

7 reviews for THC DISTILLATE 1 Gram vial/1ml

  1. paul lauwereys

    pugs (verified owner)

    Doeee George…. wow…which way do i go….awesome stuff a must try for all…a little on a paper and hang on…..

  2. Nicolas Dallaire

    Fermont (verified owner)

    Goût incroyable vous ne serez pas déçu c’est certain!la qualité est au top. merci SFD pour le service extra rapide j’en reviens pas!il ont même déjà corrigé une de leur erreurs merci encore d’ailleurs!j’en recommanderai c’est certain le goût est trop bon!

  3. Devon Guitard

    Malabolgia (verified owner)

    Honestly better then I’d expect from it
    Tiny little bit in the mouth is all you need for a nice controlling buzz and pain relief. All in a minute or two from ingestion. All arrived in less then 24 hours. Love SFD

  4. Richard Beaulieu

    Zorock (verified owner)

    VRAIMENT BON !! Cest rare que je commente mais la sa vaut la peine de le dire je lais esseiller dans une vapoteuse pour concentrer jai été surpris 😀 fesait longtemp javais pas été geler comme ca je fume depuis 16 ans non stop 😛 le gout est vraiment bon je trouve sa gouter sucrer comparer a de huile noir ou honey qui goute fort celle la cest asser doux je vais men recommander et je le recommende


  5. Claire Worrell

    doejohn2043 (verified owner)

    Just buy it!
    You will never, ever regret it.

    Ingesting this high-quality distillate sublingually is a rather discreet method of consumption.
    It delivers an excellent, long lasting buzz, strong, but which still allows you to succeed in all daily activities with a goofy smile on your face.
    Merci encore Stress Free !

  6. Phil (verified owner)

    Not bad, hard to work with if your not a dabbler. I ended up eating it but wasn’t blown away by the strength. When combined with kief and bud, yeah…

  7. Eric Deshaies

    Eric Deshaies (verified owner)

    Woww incroyable produits doux pour la gorge et puissant pour le cerveau juste assez pour endormir ma sclérose merci très bon produit recommanderais prochaine fois

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