Primero Moroccan hash (2 Grams)

Primero Moroccan hash (2 Grams)


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New product fresh in from B.C. We have many new things and many changes on the way very very soon!!! Follow us on Twitter @stevefromsfd and on Instagram stevefromsfd for news and daily/weekly specials. $40 per 2 grams at checkout.

5 reviews for Primero Moroccan hash (2 Grams)

  1. Daniel Rix

    Dantheman (verified owner)

    looks 7 taste 7 like strain sift hash flavor Death Bubba strain x White castle? Glad to try BTs 7 Rare different hash treat

  2. Lisa Cantelon

    Lisac (verified owner)

    I really appreciate the generous bonus gram of this from sfd

  3. Maxime Lefebvre Poulin

    Maxime Lefebvre Poulin

    Sa coche ✔️

  4. Daniel Rix (verified owner)

    Got again Nice firm Pie piece 2 nice shades of golden brown this batch smoke 8.6 effects 8.9 Taste looks & scent 9
    Recommend & retry Its a nice blond with extra kick Primus x skywalker feel

  5. Guy le 16

    wow J’aime tellement fumer ce HASCHICH à pipe très doux bon Goût et j’adore son buzz Très Relaxant s’égraine Facilement et une tres Bonne odeur et texture Apres le libanais blond lui est mon choix Favoris et je suis un Grand connaisseur dans le domaine Du Hash un autre exelent Produit ❤🌈☀️Signé SFD

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