Montreal’s Own M39


Finally back in stock after many months of waiting!!!!

**New lot in April 20th 2021 and these pictures are from this lot**

You asked for it, we got it! By popular demand we’ve got some Montreal classic M39 for all you nostalgic folk that want to go back to their Hi School days with this strain. We’re offering this welcome back to Montreal special at only $140 an oz! Act fast cause it will go fast! We are not even gonna bother with a description, either you know the strain or come try it out for yourself 🙂

Pour tout les Quebecois: et oui, du 39!

De retour apres plusieurs mois dattente!!!!!


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Finally back in stock after many months of waiting!!!!

**New lot in April 20th 2021 and these pictures are from this lot**

You asked for it, we got it! By popular demand we’ve got some Montreal classic M39 for all you nostalgic folk that want to go back to their Hi School days with this strain. We’re offering this welcome back to Montreal special at only $140 an oz! Act fast cause it will go fast! We are not even gonna bother with a description, either you know the strain or come try it out for yourself 🙂

Pour tout les Quebecois: et oui, du 39!

De retour apres plusieurs mois dattente!!!!!


Eighth, Gram, Quarter, Half oz, 1 oz

63 reviews for Montreal’s Own M39

  1. bill hodgers


    I ordered a ounce of this not expecting much and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.I will definitely be ordering more as soon as it gets back in stock.I grew up in Montreal and it brought back a lot of good memories.

    • Steve Gomez

      Steve Gomez

      We’re glad you enjoyed it bud! WE will have more up in stock available this weekend along with many more products!

  2. Skyler Lester

    Skyler Lester (verified owner)

    Wow! Great stuff for the price. Nice large nugs with little shake. Good taste and burn. A little hard to break up but overall good moisture content. Would buy again

    • Steve Gomez

      Steve Gomez

      Glad you enjoyed it boss! We will have more up this weekend along with many more goodies at amazing prices!!!

  3. Greentom (verified owner)

    Good stuff for the price. Perfect if you want to keep smoking decent weed on a low budget. This is easy to smoke and smooth on the lung. It kept me high enough this week to do my work and still doing it good so i’m satisfied.

    • Steve Gomez

      Steve Gomez

      Right on! Glad you’re enjoying it!

  4. Jonathon Ferazzutti

    Potatonnator (verified owner)

    Tried the m39 was pretty good for the price. Looking forward to trying some of this looks nice

  5. Bill Patrick

    Billybats (verified owner)

    Asian chronic for cheaper than it was back in the day

  6. B (verified owner)

    Great value. Definitely mids but exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend if you’re on a budget .

  7. Norbert David

    nd09gs (verified owner)

    Let me start off by saying I was a bit surprised to find that the M39 Royale was a nice as it was! It had nice dense buds, busted up great, burned clean, ashed white, I am very very pleased with the M39!


    Abruhkadabbruh (verified owner)

    Super fast ordering process, and got my tracking number over the weekend! Tried this strain before from a pal and it’s amazing! Best bang for your buck.

  9. Adam Caouette

    orignaux (verified owner)

    Really good For the price buds are well cured and its nice to smoke!

  10. Jake Bode

    LoCoco (verified owner)

    Really great overall. Ordering was smooth, tracking # was given soon after payment was accepted. Packaging was what you’d expect. Buds are insane value for the money, very happy with the product! I’ll be ordering again.

  11. Amir Yekta

    ay1988 (verified owner)

    Packaging for product was very discrete loved that the EMT email wasn’t obvious as well. I ordered an ounce of m39, from Montreal to BC took about 5 days. I ordered the M39 because it was the best value I could find as far as ounces go and I received it about an hour ago and decided to give it a shot. i am definitely pleasantly surprised. For the price I wasn’t expecting much but the nugs were dense, mid sized and with little to no stem. exactly as pictured. The high itself was nice and relaxing, it’s not craft weed or the absolute greatest i’ve smoked in terms of taste and effect but it burned white and gets you stoned/medicated/whatever. I did it through flex delivery as well in case any one was wondering whether or not that was a possibility. Had it shipped to my nearest Shoppers Drug Mart and just picked it up there. Packaging was double vaccum sealed wrapped in cardboard then the usual CP bag-velope.

    anyway, if you are looking to get stoned at a cheap price with functionality and not taste (which, i may add, isn’t necessarily bad just anyone familiar with this strain understands what I’m saying) in mind then this is a great value for the price. For cooking or smoking, you cant go wrong.

  12. Anatoliy Nekrashevych

    CanadaKnows (verified owner)

    First time ordering, best looking M39 I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

  13. Mike Persico

    kingbob (verified owner)

    Very smooth and easy on the throat. Mild effect is great for day time use.

  14. André Ouellette

    AndreMedCan (verified owner)

    Got my “39” this afternoon and after three hits with my medical toker, as the French say, I’d say it’s pretty good “beuh” for the money!! Lol! Learned last summer on Google+ the French use the slang word “beuh” for grass / weed. Cannabis thérapeutique is approved in France since 2013, I learned also. Oui, “39” is good BEUH!!

    • Steve Gomez

      Steve Gomez

      Something like that 😉

  15. Joe Kibe

    FriedPoro (verified owner)

    Got my 2 zips of 39 in 1 business day to the GTA! Burn/Ash 4/5, Bag appeal for Price 5/5, Smell is a musky hydro from back in the day. Beautiful large nugs and absolutely no SHAKE. Takes me back and does the trick when it comes to relaxing and muscle tension. Nothing beats this value! Thank you SFD.

  16. Jesse Simpson

    DuckFibre (verified owner)

    WOW! This is incredible for the price, crystals all over it from out of the bag, the taste I love in a bud, and the price. Give this a try, beats what I was picking up at a dispensary paying more. You guys will be hearing more from me that’s for sure!

  17. Michael Lepore

    HeavyMTL (verified owner)

    Great for the price! Looks, smells and tastes great and gives a nice high. Will order again and so will my friend who tried it with me.

  18. André Ouellette

    AndreMedCan (verified owner)

    My second time ordering “M39Royale” and I’m just as pleased with the product to help with my daily / nightly routines the second time trying. I definitely recommend it!!

  19. sumg100 (verified owner)

    Burns a nice white/light grey ash, not overly flavourful, inoffensive. Vapes similarly. Bought it because it was cheap, pleasantly surprised, the edibles I made were quite potent, and I plan to finish the other half in the vape.

  20. George Hynes

    Newf (verified owner)

    Good pot for the money but the half oz I got the buds are has hard has the Moroccan hash (great hash by the way) i got . I can turn all the buds to dust with my fingers.

  21. Michael Quinlan

    Mike85 (verified owner)

    Extremely compact, a ounce looks like a half ounce. Really dry and turns to dust in the buster. Not much taste to it and potency is a bit low. But for the price its a good deal, just dont think ill buy it again and go for the more premium strains on here.

  22. Hayden Iredale-Coward

    bioaccumulate (verified owner)

    Price and quality is unbeatable. Small, extremely dense nugs. Great Strain. Stay lifted.

  23. Laura (verified owner)

    Like most of the other reviewers, I ordered an oz – not expecting it to be great, but curious to see what the quality was like. Let me say, I was blown away!

    It looks just like the picture – the nugs are rock-solid, but bust up pretty easily. The high is pleasant, not overwhelming, with minimal burn-out. Overall, this is probably the best bang for your buck you can get.

  24. Adam Kelly

    chayallday (verified owner)

    As all have said – great value for the money. Frostier nugs than anyone would ever expect for the price. Burns with a nice clean white ash and I received several large nugs (>2 grams). Overall recommended for those on a budget!

  25. Pascal Fortin

    Geist (verified owner)

    Although definately not too shelf, this is much better than what I used to get on the street, and at half the price. Much smoother smoke that expected and the high is very nice.

  26. Sin Estaki

    Sinistersmog (verified owner)

    If you vape it’ll probably be fine but its a super earthy smoke. Dense nugs trimmed really well with no stems but it has a REALLY overwhelming earthy hay smell. I wasn’t let down by it for the price but I’d probably spring the extra 30-40 bucks and get something that tastes pleasant to smoke next time. Shipping was overnight in Ontario which was really cool. Mine didn’t look as frosty as the product pic but it’s probably the best deal you can find for 110 flower on MoMs if you can get over the taste. The reviews here are all 4/5 because it looks good and gets you high but the smell/taste just wasn’t for me.

  27. Albeed77

    Albeed77 (verified owner)

    Best deal around! Was surprised how good it was. Not the greatest tasting or smelling but smokes really nice and works well

  28. erik ramirez

    lchaps (verified owner)

    bud looks and smells good but when burned it sizzles,shoots sparks and taste is not great

  29. Jean Jaurès

    barretr (verified owner)

    Hate to say it, but new batch is nowhere near as good as the last. Like lchaps, I too found it sizzles, sparks and shoots and has a funny ammonia/fertilizer aftertaste. Not recommended.

    • Steve Gomez

      Steve Gomez

      Yeah, its not the greatest batch and we are currently working hard on getting more royale. Still great for vaping and cooking down.

    • Steve Gomez

      Steve Gomez

      New batch is in and it’s fire for M39!!

  30. Raag45 (verified owner)

    Same as Lchaps and barretr, creepy when it sparks, I will wait for the next batch before I place another order .
    I am not a pro but m39 can’t be harvested after 39 days I hope it’s not the mistake here, I can say by experience it is more 42-43 days or maybe it’s lack of fresh water only for the last 10 days or so of flowering assuming it is hydroponic? You have to wash the electrolit of your fertilizer!

    • Steve Gomez

      Steve Gomez

      Yep and we heard you guys. We are currently in the works for more Royale. We will post it up when we get some and it should be very soon.

  31. Martin Bélanger

    Anubis6662 (verified owner)

    Wow vraiment comme dans le temps même mieux, merci ?

  32. Andre Bussieres

    Raag45 (verified owner)

    Nice! Day and night from the last batch keep up the good work!

  33. Michael Lepore

    HeavyMTL (verified owner)

    This new batch is a BIG improvement from the previous batch.

  34. Nmckenna420 (verified owner)

    Tasted good and burned good great stuff

  35. Jean Jaurès

    barretr (verified owner)

    Not to be a tough customer, I’ll just say – not unlike the previous reviewers – it’s much improved over the last crop! Burns smooth and tastes decent.

    Thanks for the quick fix, SFD.

  36. greg estabrooks

    gxe (verified owner)

    Just got my first oz.At first glance it seemed light(no scale)but then I felt the buds,tight and dense.Then I put it through the grinderThe shit exploded in size!Very impressed.Am puffing it and its smooth and gummy and burns well.For any price this a good batch but for this price?By the way the hash (redleb)is phenominal.

  37. jordan vachon

    jordanvachon (verified owner)

    like my first time , taste and smell the smell as i remember . nice nug , just compact enough . nice buzz . awesome price . gonna be my regular strain .

  38. Marie-france Trottier

    maitre des bois (verified owner)

    pretty good

  39. Mike Persico

    kingbob (verified owner)

    Very nice batch. Smooth and hits harder than some of the more expensive strains I have tried.

  40. Michael Lavoie

    Lavoie2538 (verified owner)

    Big Bud, good taste. Best for the price.

  41. 905newman

    905newman (verified owner)

    Great strain, great price and decent high!

  42. alex lahaye

    mrlahaye (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase of M39 and I must say i am as pleased a the first time I ordered. This is some quality product at a very decent price. My life is way easier since I’ve been dealing with you guys. Many Thanks!

  43. philip richer

    Mr.QC (verified owner)

    Top notch for the price compared to some of the BC stuff you can order elsewhere. Caked in crystals beautiful smell and dense nugs. To top it all off came in a baggie labeled m39 just like the good ole highschool days. If the quality of the products stays consistent I might just stick with stressfree instead of order from BC dispenseries.

  44. Maxime Brunelle

    madlogik (verified owner)

    1st: Here are a few pictures from my order:

    This is M39 as it should be, and as I remember it from my high schools days.
    This is a basic indica. You get a nice mellow body high “stoned effect”.
    M39 is not that potent, but it still gets the job done. It’s a 3 star weed but at that price, value becomes another star on it’s own. It’s comparable to freezeland as far as potency go. It’s no Kush that’s what I’m trying to say. But it’s not $200++ an oz either!

    No mildew. No apparent crystals, but they do show with the flash in a picture. Lots of little nugs, each with their little stems. No biggie..

    Not strong! but.. Earthy, lemony, fresh… not like pine but maybe a little bit of cedar…
    No skunky smell.

    Taste: Well… nothing much… it’s no kush, it tastes a bit earthy … nothing unpleasant but you don’t smoke this for the taste… it gets the job done on the cheap. smooth in the throat.
    A bit dry… so .. meh taste could be better… but it aint moldy … so I’m not complaining.

    So wanna get stoned on the cheap? Get this!

  45. Charles Toth

    charlestoth (verified owner)

    Gets me fried! amazing for the price, the only negative I have is that the buds are dry and hard as a rock but it doesn’t really get in the way of the effects so I can’t really complain. Also my particular bag seems to have quite a bit of shake at the bottom but I’m not going to knock a star for it.

    You’ll find lot’s of dusties/crystals in the bottom part of your buster!

  46. 905newman

    905newman (verified owner)

    Great strain as always, this last batch had a lot of stems so I guess I will be making some tea 🙂 Thank you for the blueberry sample it was amazing! very relaxing high and great for pain relief!

  47. Dan Kincaid

    danktbay (verified owner)

    Thought I would give it a try and went with a half ounce. Wow. Looks almost like an ounce when put in a jar.
    On the dry side; finger bust is all it needed. Aroma is earthy and the taste is almost skunky.
    I can sense the Northern Lights side of the strain. Euphoric and stress relieving; buzz only lasts about an hour with no burnout.

  48. Rick Ashby

    ashadowman (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this strain. A nice mild Buzz no paranoia or freak out. Just relaxation and it enhances your creativity … more nusic for me.

    SFD is reliable and efficient. Great work !

  49. Marie-france Trottier

    maitre des bois (verified owner)

    will you be having a new batch before Christmas , i like this strain ?

    • Steve Gomez

      Steve Gomez

      Tiny bit in stock now.

  50. David Tripp

    David Tripp (verified owner)

    I’d give this a lower score but I’m sure the thc count is probably fine so I won’t. My lungs are very sensitive to I think its tar. When I used to try native cigaretts I’d have laboured breathing for the rest of the day until I slept. Sea warp and time warp bud do this to me to. And unfortunately this montreal m39 also gives me laboured breathing. I find other cheap buds don’t though. just the hundred dollar ounces do that. So to me they’re unsmokable. Fear not I’m turning them into budder so I’m not really at a loss. While this is my experience it may not be yours. I find most people can smoke native cigarrets without feeling any impact on their lungs and similar for warp bud. but if you’re sensitive like me stear clear of m39 or make this into butter.
    I hope stressfree lowers the price on this bud since I found it so harsh. Also When I ground it up too fine it was hard to pull in joints.
    Still love the site and will use again. Just not buying this bud.

  51. Thcgenius (verified owner)

    Best budget bud

  52. Francois Paré

    Gfranco (verified owner)

    Blast from the past…love that stuff, it bring back so many hazy memories.

    I actually found this site while searching for some 39 and overall i am quite pleased with the product. The weed taste as good as i remember, nice buzz and good price, my only deception is the size of the buds. I am used to big dense buds and i received were small and loose.

    But still…overall very good product will buy again.

  53. Newfie Kanata (verified owner)

    Awesome delivery time, less than 48 hrs to Newfie and great decent sized buds for the price. Do buy.

  54. Francois Paré

    Gfranco (verified owner)

    Second time buying this and still loving it…even better than last time since i got a nice mix of big and smaller buds.

    I am sad this is out of stock…hoping you guys will get more soon.

  55. Mikael Lamothe

    Mikael Lamothe (verified owner)

    Great kush for the price, taste great and brings back many memories of early montreal kush.
    Will be ordering again!

  56. Samuel Belair

    Mijin420 (verified owner)

    This brings back so many memories.. haha

    Not bad at all for the price

  57. Daniel Rix

    Dantheman (verified owner)

    Love the Royal smoked 2006-2012 this is really nice smells better once grinded looks 9 taste8 high 8.6
    very Hydro nice familiarity. 9.3 for price & Nostalgia. Recommend Buy an OZ store some for Holidays!!


    DanViau (verified owner)

    Wow…. take me back to the good old days ! Nice strong and steady, comfortable buzz… munchy-inducing, music-listening and very sociable pot. Fantastic taste and smell, beautiful buds. Bravo Stress Free Delivery !

    • Steve Gomez

      Steve Gomez

      Thanks for all the reviews!

  59. Guy

    J’ai adoré cette Mauvaise herbe à 100% je suis consommateur de Haschich mes j’ai adoré ce weed Généreux en THC,Et ses un autre produit Signée SFD,QUALITÉ À-1

  60. Jason Bisson

    Jason Bisson (verified owner)

    Great stuff . Very pleased with the quality price service all the way!

  61. Julia Lortie

    GitWreKt (verified owner)

    This batch is amazeballz again 👏🏻👏🏻
    Definitely a favourite to get
    Skunky & leaves a perma smile on my face
    The nugs are gorgeous and smoke great
    Very little stem
    Great job as usual SFD thank you xo

  62. Cory Fitzgerald

    DRGreenthumb86 (verified owner)

    This weed bring back good memories.Old school taste,nice hard caked buds, The potency surprised me on this one very potent. Will be getting more !!! Thank you SFD

  63. Mary Lucassie

    Mary Lucassie (verified owner)

    It was good

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