Mixed Gummy Bag (240MG)

Mixed Gummy Bag (240MG)

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New gummies in stock and they are very potent! This bag offers 40mg per candy for a total of 240mg per pack. Please eat with moderation and keep away from children. On sale at $15 per pack at checkout.

8 reviews for Mixed Gummy Bag (240MG)


    KoalaQC (verified owner)

    J’ai reçu ma commande a matin et j”ai tout reçu et bravo pour le très bon produit

  2. Daniel Rix


    Best gummies ever! 1 for occasional heavy tolerance no more then 2 Its a long nice ride! Effects 10 taste 9.6
    Worth the asking price Edible fans rejoice these are the tru gummies u have been craving!

  3. Daniel Rix


    Stock up on holidays I have high tolerance & I get 3 strong doses of highs when you cant smoke for awhile
    great for passenger road trips…Trips no fall Taste & effects Best bon bon 9.4!

  4. Matthew Cargill

    ninjakillah (verified owner)

    the taste is good, the badest of them was still better that what you find in convenience store. The Feeling is nice and not to much, it must be low quality th becose at 40mg one candy……i was high with 20g of candy my friend was doing at home with 5 stars th. BUT that being said they still putted 40mg a candy and dont charge much. So all is great with those candy…..One if you never did….Two if you want a take a plane not to high….Three if you want to see a fire fighter fountain move by its own….

  5. Jonathan Mingori

    Ming (verified owner)

    Potent??? I just got these and I’m sorry but wtf? I ate 1, nothing. 3 hours later I ate 2. That was 2 1/2 hours ago and I feel nothing. At all. Is there any thx in these?
    How many of these things do you have to eat?

    1 star cuz I can’t leave it blank.

    • Steve Gomez

      Steve Gomez

      Hey There
      i normally ate 3 gummies everytimes, and they are not the strongest one, its 100mg par bag and not per gummie

  6. francis landriault

    francis landriault

    thanks gang ! all your stuff is good ! the perfect dose for moving without down !

  7. Eric Deshaies

    Eric Deshaies (verified owner)

    Adore bon goût super bon pour une agréable journée qui commence mal j en recommde sûrement bon produit

  8. Eric Deshaies

    Eric Deshaies (verified owner)

    Malade j en veux d autre

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