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Mint Kush Dipped In Oil and Kief Grammer Pre Rolls

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Mint Kush Dipped In Oil and Kief 1 Gram Pre Rolled joints

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Mint Kush 50/50 hybrid pre rolled 1 gram joints that are dipped in oil and kief with the paper dipped in kief as well. These pre fab doobies will get you feeling on top of the world in these difficult times. We have them at $18 each at checkout and be sure to check your email for additional discount coupon codes available. We hope each and everyone of you is staying safe during these difficult times and we strongly suggest not sharing bongs or joints for the time being. Be sure to order before Canada Post shuts down as it`s a very strong possibility in the near future. Stay strong Canada!

2 reviews for Mint Kush Dipped In Oil and Kief Grammer Pre Rolls

  1. Daniel Rix

    Dantheman (verified owner)

    This is #1 better then blunts.twax cones & moonrock rollies! Kief caked taste minty garlicky! Smoke too yourself C-19 rules !If u ike Thin mint, Mendo breath, cactus mint, animal mint & garlic grateful breath strains This for u taste linger in mouth long after nicely great high 10 all boxes super Quad AAAA+ pull joint out over a bowl catch extra loose kief Love the kief Awesome! Thanks a mint I bought 5 of each Lucid Haze mango is AAAA This SFD MK is AAAA+ a poutine any style as long St. Alberts curd I like mine porc gravy

  2. Daniel Rix

    Dantheman (verified owner)

    More reviews peeps Missing out on a great Product! This time SFD sweetly surprised me with Vanilla Kush IND rare Loved it 10 all boxes the roll the feeling the length the taste You mad me happy on this Full moon Dreary rainy day Bless u wishing u the Carma u earned! I am smiling Vanilla Kush You no me better then myself Run a psycic hotline?

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