Mile High Krispy Squares (750mg) 10 Servings

Mile High Krispy Squares (750mg) 10 Servings


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Chef Carlo`s insanely delicious Mile High Squares will knock your socks off! 750mg per serving!!!! This platter is for 10 people and contains 75mg per serving.

One piece is roughly 7 inches long X 5 inches wide and 2 inches thick(big serving) and will serve 10 people!

This are delicious and double sealed to stay fresh. Please keep them in the fridge and away from children!!!

1 review for Mile High Krispy Squares (750mg) 10 Servings

  1. julie LUSSIER

    julie LUSSIER (verified owner)

    Very yummy recipe, biggup to Carlos BUT it is not very strong at all.
    I ate the whole thing within a few hours and barely felt anything. The office was just a bit funnier than usual.

  2. Daniel Rix

    Dantheman (verified owner)

    Julie at work you ate this!? Respected mam! I ate half delicious not buttery the marshmallows best high was mellow fun 1 hour then ate rest red eyes 👀 still smoke keep buzz going. Was going to buy 3000 mg 10 serving $120 taste HQ product yes but lack of THC then declined recommend for lower tolerance Taste 10 buzz 5 price 7.77

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