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Live Resin Hash

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**Fire Fire Fire!!!!** Our 4rd lot of this and it`s by far the best!!!It`s finally back guys! This will go extremely fast so grab some today. Just wow, This is for heavy hitters!!! Probably the best thing we ever smoked, ever. $35 a gram at checkout. Its little different then last time, just little darker.

41 reviews for Live Resin Hash

  1. Mike Persico

    kingbob (verified owner)

    WOW ! Better than Moon Rocks.

  2. S Lavoie

    dr.greenthumb (verified owner)

    Crissment bon! Ces pareille comme du finger, tres bon gout et sa fuck en osti!

  3. Maxime Brunelle

    madlogik (verified owner)

    tldr; Clean sativa high. Perfect … Blissful!

    LONG “Inspired” review after trying the product:

    Best thing I’ve EVER smoked! WOW.

    Think Blonde Moroccan Hash, times 10 for how you feel.
    To the smell, earthy and lemony. Kush-y. Yummy!

    I took .1 … a small rice size pinch of this hash that crumbles into a sticky powder….
    Device used: I used my ecig with a seego v-hit type c on it … 11w … on the coil.

    Usually you need to wait for the hot coil to warm up the hash enough for it to smoke…
    … with this live resin, it smoked right away! and in a good way! I took… 6 hits from that small little bit in the coil … each as smooth and pleasurable as the previous…

    I was looking afar and my vision and clarity of mind seems to improve with each hits.
    I’m writing this after those hits. Inspired, happy, energized, and thankful for SFD for this product (and it’s unknown source!!) Please send them my personal thanks.
    This is the best, most uplifting high I ever had.
    (Even this annoying as hell neighbour who has a problem with his car alarm at the moment, does not bother me at all. ) Get this stuff ! Now! I only got a gram, but I know what I’m getting a ton of in my next order.
    This is shatter like potency for me! wow!

  4. Michael StPierre

    StPierre99 (verified owner)

    Hits hard
    Worth the price
    Tastes great

  5. Patrick Remillard

    Trixyadelano5000 (verified owner)

    Great taste and great high. I’m ready to order again.

  6. Monique Trenholm

    Moniquetrenholm (verified owner)

    Very favourable, nice strong buzz. Only need a little bit. Loved it.

  7. Ibra Mir

    miznation (verified owner)

    Yeeeeee baaaabbbbyyyyyy i love my life its unbelievable !!!!!

  8. Marcus Munn

    KingXCIII (verified owner)

    Holy shit Batman!!…this stuff is bomb..Dabbing this on a titanium nail is taking me back to hot knives on the stove, only it’s potent as hell!!.. please get more in stock ?

  9. Michel Doyon

    Mike (verified owner)

    This particular batch definitely had the wow factor , hope the listing gets back soon…
    so much easier than shatter to mess with.

  10. Marie-Andrée Grondin

    MissTaken (verified owner)

    I wish I could spend my life buzzed like this!!!! The best thing I’ve smoked in a good while.

  11. Ibra Mir

    miznation (verified owner)

    best thing on earth no doubt ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  12. Kenneth Morrison

    Ken79 (verified owner)

    Please guys let me know when this is back in stock,I am no newbie,have been fortunate enough to have soked/vaped a lot of premium products from all over but this my friends is something that’s on a different level and I miss it,I had planned to stash a lil chunk for occasions but this stuff has the ability to make any time an occasion,In sure you can relate.

  13. Nik (verified owner)

    Saw the firsts reviews, didn’t take chance, ordered 15g. The stuff was so fucking wow that I’ve been stolen.

    When I saw it back on the menu, I reordered on the go. Got the stuff next business day and since I’m seriously knocked.

    The effect fades in a smooth body sensation. Really hot.

    Perfect stuff for premium smokers. Enjoy!

  14. boldfacedcronic (verified owner)

    THIS STUFF IS STRAIGHT FIRE!!. I have some mediocre homegrown, put a little bit of this on top and okay green turns into FIRE!! lol I highly recommend this product for longtime tokers.

  15. Dan (verified owner)

    This is the showstopper plain and simple.

  16. Katie Patterson

    katie23 (verified owner)

    4.5 stars. Excellent stuff. Loses 1/2 star for me because it was not golden brown like the photo. What I received has much more green in it. Must admit it was the golden colour that wowed me so this was disappointing. Still, excellent stuff.

  17. Ken Boutilier

    Bootsy (verified owner)

    Simply an excellent smoke. Fast hitting, long lasting clear headed high. The world is a nicer place suddenly. worth the price as a treat. much easier to deal with for me than shatters.

  18. Michael Dault

    darxtar (verified owner)

    Was very concerned when I opened the parcel and it just reeked of pot, I thought, oh my god my hash is ruined, but it was sealed well enough that it didn’t get polluted. Will definitely get more as it some of the most awesome shit i have ever smoked, however I’ll order it separate from any hash next time………..just in case.

  19. Robert Squires

    Lovetheeastcoast (verified owner)

    Very strong. Nice clear sativa high. Long lasting buzz as well.

  20. Stéphane Lavictoire

    Lavik (verified owner)

    Woww amazing stuff !!!! best thing i have ever smoked!!
    Im about to order some more, love it!!!

  21. Jonathan Rusyn

    jonathanrusyn1995 (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff, high is solid 5/5 and overpowering.
    Crumbly stuff with leafy residue

  22. Sébastien Gauthier

    Goonies (verified owner)

    Ça surprend…ça, je peux vous le confirmer !

    J’avais lu plusieurs commentaires ici, avant d’en acheter…C’est puissant, etc…Ça m’en rendu curieux et j’en ai commandé juste à temps !

    C’est puissant, effectivement ! Allez-y mollo…?

  23. Mico Boudro (verified owner)

    J’ai 59 ans et en 46 ans, dont les 6 dernières années en toute légalité, j’en ai fumé des choses. Se produit est vraiment d’une classe à part. Je pourrais sûrement le classer dans mes top 5 de mes 46 dernières années. Ça se fume facilement et une petite quantité vous donne effectivement un buzz plutôt assez terrible…

  24. mike lauzon

    mike2017 (verified owner)


  25. Stephanie Lavallee

    Mslavallee (verified owner)

    For the price the buzz didn’t last as long as I would have liked hits hard at first but goes away pretty fast other than that great awesome taste and smell

  26. dave fournier

    xan (verified owner)


  27. Maxime Zurden

    PasContent (verified owner)

    Top Notch :O

    Le goût est sublime. Ça fûme longtemps mais ça arrache pas et ça rentre au poste!

    The taste is sublime. Burns forever but it’s not harsh, and it packs a punch!

  28. Devon Guitard

    Malabolgia (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic.
    Tastes amazing
    Tastes clean, like no chemicals are used in process. Def 1 of my faves from SFD. Very energetic enjoyable high. Kept me moving always looking for something to do , rather then sit ànd watch the day go by. Nice potent high, helped with hunger, motivating (got me off my lazy arse), and an amazing flavor that just makes you want more just like the live rosin. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  29. Ian Chisholm

    igloominati (verified owner)

    (1g) Added this to try it out and qualify for free delivery. Haven’t smoked any yet, waiting for friends to be available to enjoy it with, but I know my resin and this is going to be some crazy stuff. Latest batch looked a bit “juicier” (oilier) than the photo but that is likely because of the summer heat. Regardless it is a very high quality product.

    However a high quality product needs to be respected. Anything selling at $35/gram needs to be respected. It would have been a good show of respect to fold some parchment paper over the product before bagging it. A good amount of oil is stuck to the plastic baggie (overall negligible but certainly enough fore one session) and it is MUCH easier to scrape up with a razor blade off parchment than off a plastic baggie. Also easier to insert into bag, remove from bag and portion out if parchment is used. Minor detail but would earn this product the 5 star rating it so clearly deserves.

    ALSO PURCHASED ON THIS ORDER: purple candy bud (14g), blonde lebanese hash (7g)

  30. Tim Stafford

    cheftim (verified owner)

    Not a huge fan of the new batch. consistency is much softer, very moist and sticky, almost gooey. I don’t feel that the buzz is as good, and the taste and smell are somewhat muted compared to previous firmer, drier batches. But that could also be psychological cuz I was so turned off by the appearance.

  31. Sebastien Marion

    Sebm (verified owner)

    Its ok

  32. Stéphane Lavictoire

    Lavik (verified owner)

    J’adore la batch que j’ai reçu hier!!!
    Ça gèle solide et tu as pas besoin d’en mettre beaucoup pour ressentir l’effet, la grosseur d’un grain de riz suffit en masse.
    Le produit se manipule très bien aussi et l’odeur wowww!!!
    J’ai commandé beaucoup de sorte de hash sur SFD depuis plus de 1 an et le LIVE RESIN HASH torche solide !!!
    OUiii il est chère mais pour moi c’est la qualité et non la quantité qui compte.
    Good job SFD et merci pour les samples de weed 🙂

  33. Andy Bleck

    Andy78 (verified owner)

    Super hard hitter!!!!!
    Must enjoy again 😉

  34. Mat T (verified owner)

    Coup de foudre pour cette résine. Même sur le bord de demandé le divorce pour faire certain de pas partagé ! 🙂 Sincèrement, dispendieux mais 2 minuscule petit plomb a bouteille fait la job de 12 avec un autre bon hash.

    9.5 sur 10

    (Le .5 de retiré seulement pour le nombre de jurons utilisés quand je me bats à décoller le plomb du pouce quand je le coupe !!)

  35. Daniel Rix

    Dantheman (verified owner)

    Very nice lift, Sticky hash smokes 7 High 9 looks 8 price YOLO try! Mix with shatter xtra bang BT Bey- Bay!

  36. Lisa Cantelon

    Lisac (verified owner)

    A brilliant product

    I’d buy this again


    DanViau (verified owner)

    Quite tasty – a very nice treat !

  38. Philippe-Antoine Dubuc

    ovokos7 (verified owner)

    Not gonna lie, super disappointed. Not like the pictures; it’s dark as coal and oxidized with a strong butane taste. SFD usually delivers great products but for $35 a gram and the description it had, I was expecting much better. Bought 3 grams and would definitely not recommend it unfortunately.

    If you’re like me and would like to try some due to the description/picture, I think they were a little misleading. I’d wait for another batch or avoid it altogether.

  39. Sharon Larrissey

    Sharon Larrissey (verified owner)

    Threw a gram in a 25 micron bag and pressed some really terpy dabs im a hairstraightner

  40. Sylvain Savard

    Sylvain Savard (verified owner)

    Deja achete par l entremise d un ami , decide de m inscrire et en commande , cette batch est vraiment moin bonne , dur a brule en bt. Deçu

  41. Snap

    Longtime hash smoker and this was definitely a grade A product with a excellent buzz that last all night. Taste was fantastic and burns amazing.
    Definitely would try again.

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