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Jack Herer Crumble (1 Gram)

Jack Herer Crumble (B.C. Product)

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Fire Fire Fire!!!Just amazing!! B.C. product. Jack Here Crumble (Wax) $45 per Gram at checkout. On sale for Xmas!!! Great stocking stuffer!

3 reviews for Jack Herer Crumble (1 Gram)


    DanViau (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and price ! Identical to the photo, it melts to a lovely golden yellow and vapes like a dream. Tastes wonderful, smooth and easy on the throat. Lovely, long-lasting, relaxed and happy high. Well done Stress Free Delivery !!

  2. jean marc gosselin

    jean marc gosselin (verified owner)

    excellent bon gout doux avec un hight cérébrale

  3. Pierre Champagne (verified owner)

    bon gout et efficace 😉

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