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Harlox (High CBD Flower)


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6.5% THC | 10.26% CBD | Indica-Dominant CBD

Recent winner of the 1st Place CBD Strain from the 710 Degree Cup, Harlox hails from parents Harlequin and The OX. Characteristically indica-dominant, this CBD-rich strain is a powerhouse of relief. Sweet aromas of grape and earthy berries spill out of the jar as I open it to reveal a bushel of deep green and purple buds under a furry blanket of dark orange hairs. The resinous flower fights me momentarily before I grind it to perfection.

Smooth smoke kisses my lungs as notes of cherry and coffee dance in a sugary haze on my palette. An exotic euphoria swirls through my body, holding me in a warm embrace as my aching muscles release their tension and my racing thoughts slow to a rhythmic pace. This memorable strain provided a delightfully heady high that gave me a strong appetite and left me pain-free for hours on end.

Source Dope Magazine


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