Golden Goat Bubble Hash

Golden Goat Bubble Hash


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New hand crafted Golden Goat Bubble Hash fresh in stock and she is quite the looker! Nice and blond with a smell that is out of this world with a taste thats even better. It has a skunky fruity aroma with a powerfull high. Enjoy!


1 gram, Eighth, Quarter

2 reviews for Golden Goat Bubble Hash

  1. Daniel Rix

    Dantheman (verified owner)

    Resembles Israel blonde hunnycomb 10 Nice fluffy amount pipes 9.3 Taste 10= refreshing Greatest of All time Oregon oranges
    Effects very uplifting Sativa feel all great & present great Bub # Recommend & reorder Price on point

  2. Kenneth Morrison

    Ken79 (verified owner)

    I found it to be pressed keif, not terrible but not what I had expected, oh well ,never know till you try it..

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