Fruity Pebbles RSO Shatter Oil


Fruity Pebbles Shatter Oil (1 Gram)

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New product fresh in from B.C. that shatter lovers will love! RSO Shatter oil Fruity smelling and tasting shatter oil is perfect to spread on a paper, take as edible or dab. Limited stock $40 per Gram at checkout. Its on sale!!!

1 review for Fruity Pebbles RSO Shatter Oil

  1. Daniel Rix

    Dantheman (verified owner)

    I have had 🍒 🍯 # oil but this green ribbon 🎀 vert TW, GDP x GSC best RSO oil ever This like FOB will be remembered for centuries price fair this is super strength 💪 I put some under my tongue, rolled T4 bud with kief 10+ Double paper with shake 9.6 I buy again! How about 3 ml syrangies $100? 5ml $156? I just watched Pawn 🌟 meant type in porn blue unit xxx liquid date her? Bonne journee SFD makes life easier TY! Really appreciate

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