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Freezeland Outdoor


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Outdoor season has arrived and we got our first lot of Freezeland is finally in we are letting it go at $99 an ounce at checkout! Note that it is on the leafy side but has that great freezeland taste and smell that will take you back in time. You cant go wrong at $99!

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica
THC: 24%(This will not contain 24% as its outdoor and leafy)
Freezeland is primarily an indica strain and it is produced by crossing Friesland and Pluton. It is one of the few indica strains to have an amazing THC content of 24%. Additionally, it produces beautiful buds for you to medicate with. The buds do not look like much at first but they are quite extraordinary to say the least. The nuggets are mostly frosty and have purple hairs seeping through its surface. As for the taste and smell, they are about the same and offer a unique blend of pine and citrus flavors. But what is really interesting is that the strain is not rough during the inhale or exhale. The effects offer a body buzz which will calm you in no time. Even though the cerebral effects are not what you would have expected it to be, there is much to look forward to with the strain. The strain is potent and should not be underestimated. But then again it is not potent enough to knock you out without you knowing about it. The effects can make you feel sleepy but clearheaded at the same time. The strain is better suited for nighttime use and has been used on several occasions to treat medical conditions like insomnia and chronic pains and aches.
Body High, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing
May Relieve:
Anorexia, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Crohn’s Disease, Depression, Headaches, Insomnia, Stress
Citrus, Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Pine, Woody
Citrus, Pine



1 oz, Half oz

9 reviews for Freezeland Outdoor $99 Ounces!

  1. Daniel Rix

    Dantheman (verified owner)

    Got my $97.60 OZ & I am very happy! The taste & scent is pleasant fruity! 9 the high is fun & chronic 7.77 price & fun bud @ holidays 9
    Looks nice green outdoor 6.9 yet smokes 10 Great valu! Grab a 14g-28 glad u did! High better then looks avec very smooth lemon earthy

  2. Ken Boutilier

    Bootsy (verified owner)

    Super nice outdoor batch. I bought it intending to use it for concentrate and butter. however, after tasting it, i expect it will have a more honourable fate in J’s or the vap. Fairly smooth and tastes of old time sensimilia (spelling?) which takes me back to simpler times. What a deal, to! . the buzz is quite strong and seems most suitable for use in social situation as i wouldnt want to be depending on my control and coordination for awhile after. Somewhat boring bright green colour, but nothing boring about the product – sticky and smelly. Another great deal from SFD!

  3. orlando (verified owner)

    great strain, really got me feeling nostalgic . also great price with great quality. not to mention the fast delivery of only one day. I have criticised a strain here in the past but i must give props when props is due and this freezeland was amazing.

  4. David Gaudet

    speedbuster (verified owner)

    Pas super beau mais bon gouts et pas trop fort. Pour le prix cest ok car il ne faut pas oublier que cest du outdoor. Ont peux conclure en disant que y fait la job.

  5. Cece (verified owner)

    Freaking fabulous! Way better than I expected, given the awesome price. Packs a punch, smokes nicely, and is lovely in a vape. Another great budget score from this store, thanks SFD!

  6. Nils Hopfengartner

    Nizzle (verified owner)

    This is the good old Quebec Freezland.
    you either hate it or love it with it’s very piny/slight citrus taste, but i’m a fan.
    You only ever see this sold as outdoor because for some reason it doesn’t do as well indoors, and resists our cold fall fairly well.
    This batch had nice mature trichomes, smooth taste even if the buds are leafy and burns with white ash.
    Compliments to the chef,
    but it still had to lose a star for the horrible in-bag look lol

  7. Laurent Therrien Chagnon

    LTC (verified owner)

    Excellent Freeze, je l’ai eu à 84$ l’once pis c’est tout un bargain, y gèle juste un peu moins que du bon intérieur à quantité égale. Merci

  8. André Ouellette

    AndreMedCan (verified owner)

    J’ai beaucoup aimé ma commande de Freezeland outdoor.
    Super nice buds. Good price.

  9. John Hinds

    John Hinds (verified owner)

    Smokes and tastes much better than it looks and packs a decent punch especially for the price.

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