Emperor Cookie Dough E-Pen


Emperor Cookie Dough E-Pen (Lucid Haze Pen)


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New E-Pens in stock! Puff on em and toss them. Product is from B.C. and they are are $40 each at checkout. They each contain 0.8 grams of shatter.

2 reviews for Emperor Cookie Dough E-Pen

  1. Daniel Rix

    Dantheman (verified owner)

    My 1st Luicid Haze pen. White had black, Gold, pink, clear & red 1st with this company & blanc color
    Pen is HQ But the taste is off for my tastes Disclaimer: Not a big cookies GSC fan smoked a lot of Durban poison/ Og in 90;s also don’t like Pinpomme xpress or Bluest of dreams
    recommend for high over taste cookie fans but its Doughhh! 4 me…p.s.s don’t sue me Bart lol Vapes 10 price fair effects 7.77 Taste 5.3 Nice 1g+ liquid no air bubble looks 1.3g!

  2. Sharon Larrissey

    Sharon Larrissey (verified owner)

    Its a pretty basic wax pen be careful not to pull the mouthpiece off as i did and ot mad a bit of a mess but still worked fine after i replaced it in

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