Diamond and Caviar Combo Pack Back to School Extended Special

Diamond and Caviar Combo Pack Back to School Special

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Back to school extended special in effect! Here`s what you get in our combo pack, a random choice of ours on one of our diamond distillates and one choice of of our caviar. it`s a random mix match of our choice and it`s on super special! Act fast as it`s a limited time offer at only $90 for 2 vials at checkout!

5 reviews for Diamond and Caviar Combo Pack Back to School Extended Special

  1. Claire Worrell

    doejohn2043 (verified owner)

    Entièrement satisfaite, je vous recommande ce spécial duo de diamonds et caviar.
    C’est ma deuxième fois à les commander. Cette fois-ci j’ai reçu “Durban Poison” et “Jolly Rancher,” deux goûts délicieux. C’est si concentré que ça ne prend qu’un tout p’tit peu pour vous frapper fort.
    Ce ne sont que des produits de très haute qualité chez Stress .Free Delivery.
    Gâter vous aujourd’hui !

  2. Ken Boutilier

    Bootsy (verified owner)

    Wowee! Never had this before because of price. What a shame. Both versions have an amazing taste. I have a hard time telling the difference, but love em both. Their instant hard hitting euphoric buzz is relaxing but not sleepy in its effects. I got Presodential Kush diamonds and Acapulco gold caviar. intense – a real treat. SFD always a pleasure to deal with.

  3. Matthew Cargill

    ninjakillah (verified owner)

    Diamond is the sky, and caviar was the first time for me, its not a long buzz like the diamond or green crack shatter, but,,,,its takes really high…that was the goal i think…dawm i was high. good shit to buy

  4. Pascal Gallerneault

    Pascal Gallerneault (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best.

    Great high and taste ! The Terps were amazing on the Pineapple diamonds.

    Highly recommended!

  5. shaun varga

    shaunjohn3 (verified owner)

    Ya like everyone says top grade thc-a and cav everyone i have had have been good tasting and a really nice high if you looking for some god thca this is the one to get.

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