Chatral Hash

Chatral Hash


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More Hashish to our amazing lineup! New Chatral Hash fresh in and it`s another tasty classic. Looks like what if Red Leb and Afghani had a baby together. Dark and reddish color with a taste that will take you back to your disco days.


1 gram, 1 oz, Eighth, Half oz, Quarter

5 reviews for Chatral Hash

  1. Daniel Rix

    Dantheman (verified owner)

    1st time with Chatral TY Looks 10 pipes 9.3 taste 8.5 effects 9.2 Indica mellow relaxing 32% THC recommend all hash Young &* oldskewl Unique
    SFD PD is spot on also reminded me of Egyption. Gypsy Caravan & Abyszes

  2. Francois Leroux

    Francois Leroux (verified owner)

    Du Chatral comme il y a 40 ans, même senteur et même puissant buzz. Excellent

  3. Daniel Rix

    Dantheman (verified owner)

    More hash peeps try! Old school style with minty 🍰 mix pine Smokes any method Cumin rare! Unique treat resemble the pic price spot on Red x Kashmir x Sandstorm Afghanistan TY SFD bringing hash treats!

  4. Guy

    La chatral est excellent un goût impeccable brûlé bien et donne un bon buzz dans le corps une belle odeurs du produit et résineux sa rappelle le VRAI Bon Hash signer SFD 🧡💛💙

  5. francis landriault

    francis landriault (verified owner)

    chatral makes me felling down for long walk in the wood. just the good mood to be alone in the wild!

    • Steve Gomez

      Steve Gomez

      good afternoon Francis
      c’est parfait pour un lockdown pandémique

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