Canasugar 250mg

Chef Carlo`s Canasugar (250mg)


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Chef Carlo`s Canasugar 250mg, 62.5 mg per tsp and has a total weight of 20 grams.

Cannabis has earned itself a special place in the kitchen. Whether you prefer to add it to brownies or the likes butter chicken, there are countless ways to infuse your favorite food with a healthy dose of bud.
Until now, one of the most common ways to use weed in the kitchen was to incorporate infused butter or oil. But now, Chef Carlos has come up with a new way to cook with weed; cannabis sugar.

Try cannabis sugar (canna-sugar) for a gentle, calming high. For example, add your sugar to your morning coffee. Need help getting to sleep? Try some in a hot chocolate. Canna-sugar is typically used as a condiment, as opposed to a base ingredient like cannabis butter. For a very potent high, swap out your regular sugar with weed infused sugar in any dessert recipe. If the recipe already uses cannabis oil or cannabis butter, add a dose of canna- sugar to elevate even further.

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  1. Jonathan Gauthier

    JonnyGo28 (verified owner)

    A really fun way to sneak a buzz into every part of your day, be it in your morning coffee, tea or cocoa, in your cereal, or as the sugary crust of a crème brulé.

    A small bag is 4 teaspoons (equivalent to 1 or 2 coffees for many people), so I’ll invest in the big bag, next time. It’s a far better value. There is a distinct vegetal flavour, which is to be expected for the price, that I’ve grown accustomed to, and I miss when I drink a coffee without it. Perhaps tea would mask the grassy flavour better? You decide.

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