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5 Gram Shatter Pack

5 Gram Shatter Pack


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5 strains, 5 grams, 3 AAAA quality and 2 AA quality, one low price. Get a taste of all of them at one low price! . Limited time offer!

13 reviews for 5 Gram Shatter Pack

  1. Levi Myran

    Levimyran (verified owner)

    Ordered from this place before….superfast to Ontario!!! 5 pack shatter is an awesome deal!!!
    Blue Dream shatter was awesome too! Actually really decent stuff+ grams were fat!!!

  2. Jbombmcpoop (verified owner)

    Seriously. I thought I was buying 5 grams of the moonshine but got a variety pack. 5 different kinds. Sweet! Lol ? thanks guys!

  3. Maxime Zurden

    PasContent (verified owner)

    Une sélection variée, y’en a pour tous les goûts! Mes deux préférés sont tangerine man & sour tangie. Menoum 😀

  4. Trevor Alorut

    TrevorAl (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 five grams shatter pack and they gave me 2grams of black oil ??

    • Steve Gomez

      Steve Gomez

      Hey Travor,
      sorry for that we will correct it today.

  5. Allison Renouf

    Flyhi420 (verified owner)

    This is my second order of the 5gram shatter pack. Love the quick shipping and great customer service! Thanks SFD

  6. Dan (verified owner)

    Best deal around for shatter, great way to try it out, and it works exceptionally well… very happy with the quality & variety, plus the fun of getting 5 random strains/flavors. (Loved the Pineapple Express, hard as glass and beautiful yellow gold.) Way to go Stress Free Delivery !

  7. Frances Arnatsiaq

    ArnatsiaqF (verified owner)

    I love how they’re all different, if you can get this 5 gram shatter pack plus it’s a good deal.
    5 stars

  8. Fa4x (verified owner)

    I love that each one is a different flavor, would order again mostly because the order is fast

  9. Cedrik Menard

    cedmen1 (verified owner)

    5 Awesome Strains loved them all !

  10. Mitchell Grondin

    MitchMatch (verified owner)

    5 different kinds such a good variety

  11. Claire Worrell

    doejohn2043 (verified owner)

    The 5 gram shatter pack is my go-to product, the foundation of any order.
    I appreciate the great savings, the variety and the surprise, but most especially the quality.
    Receiving 5 g of gorgeous shatter, in strains that I might not have come across otherwise, remains a thrill.

    As a satisfied customer, I will return.
    Communication – prompt;
    staff – kind and professional;
    packaging – impeccable.
    *36 hours from checkout to mailbox (within Montreal) every time makes this a truly *Stress Free Delivery*.

    Treat yourself or someone you love today.


    DanViau (verified owner)

    Great pack of treats, all great quality shatters at a great package price. Well done Stress Free Delivery !!

  13. Sean Roberts

    Sean Roberts (verified owner)

    Ok variety (mostly indica, i prefer hybrids), but solid strains. Every choice was quality and had solid flavour and visual appeal.
    The platinum kush was some of the nicest looking shatter i’ve had.

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