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10 Gram Taster Pack Great Buy!


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Hey guys! We always loved getting these from MOM’s back when we ordered ourselves so we’ve decided to add our very own. Here’s what you get:10 individual 1 gram samples of ten strains we have in stock.

6 reviews for 10 Strain Taster Pack

  1. Steven (verified owner)

    Grabbed this deal as I’m just starting off and want to find a strain I like.

    The package came in quickly and every bag was well labeled. In fact every bag contained about 1.2g which was nice.

    Only tried the blueberry so far (which was great), excited to try out the rest.

  2. jean jean

    curvyplanet (verified owner)

    Le Super Skunk est très bon!

    Le forfait est intérrssant, ça donne une bonne idée des produits! Je sais ce que je vais commander la prochaine fois! 😉

    J’ai été un peu déçu de constater qu’il y avait 1g de M39.

    Sinon c’était très bon!

  3. Gavin Kokot

    gavrilo (verified owner)

    For my first order I wanted to try a little of everything, and I was not disappointed! Double vacuum sealed, in an envelope, in a sealed plastic package: zero smell in the mailbox. I’m also very happy with the variety; a little sativa, a little indica, and some hybrids. I’m so excited to dip into this goodie bag. Will definitely be ordering more!

  4. Curtis Horton

    bud4me (verified owner)

    10 individually labeled baggies, varying slightly in weight and one rather large stem but overall look to be excellent quality. A good variety and exactly what I was hoping for from this “Taster Pack”. I added a note when ordering that to ask to try the grapefruit if it was available and they ensured a rather full baggy was included. So far its the only one I’ve tried and it was excellent, will be ordering more.

  5. Jordon Johnson

    GAMEAHOLIC101 (verified owner)

    Very nicely packaged. Couldn’t not smell anything. Nice individual package and marked what is what. If your not sure what you would like try this out. Give a great idea on the different flavours

  6. Bruno Chiumino

    Cel86 (verified owner)

    Received 10 strain in 24 hours. Very happy with the prompt delivery and service.

    So far so good with the 2 I have tried.
    Buds well packed not dry.

    Thanks SFD. Will order again.

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