Weed Concentrates

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About weed concentrates
Weed concentrates have become more popular because studies have shown that consuming these purified forms of the marijuana plant is an effective way to experience the positive benefits of cannabis. They also contain less plant material than other forms of marijuana.

Weed concentrates are made by stripping the trichomes (resin glands) from the marijuana plant. These resin glands contain both cannabinoids and terpenes. The best-known and most widely-used cannabinoids are THC and CBD. High quality weed concentrates are obtained by using extracting trichomes from the freshest possible plant material.
Methods of extraction for weed concentrates
Several methods of extraction are used to strip the trichomes from the flowers and main fan leaves of mature cannabis plants. To facilitate the removal of these small resin glands, most methods involve a cold process aimed at freezing the trichomes. Two of these cold methods in particular, carbon dioxide extraction and ice water extraction, are notable for producing pure weed concentrates with almost no toxic residues.

In fact, carbon dioxide (CO2) processing is currently a standard practice in the food processing sector for such products as nutritional supplements and herbal remedies because it is a safe, effective, and preservative-free way to extend shelf life while maintaining freshness and quality.

As for ice water extraction, it is considered to be one of the cleanest and safest methods of trichome extraction because no solvents or extreme heat are used. Ice water extraction involves just cannabis plant material, ice, and water to produce crumble. That means that the original flavour and quality of the cannabis plant remain unaffected.
High quality weed concentrates
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